Pink and Brown People: and Other Controversial Essays

Pink and Brown People: and Other Controversial Essays
Pink and Brown People is the first collection of Thomas Sowell's columns and articles. Below is the table of contents, listing the title of each column in the book and the date the column originally appeared.

Date Title
10/06/77 Pink and Brown People
02/13/80 Not a Chinaman's Chance
04/14/81 The Death of Joe Louis
07/04/79 "Representation"—or Misrepresentation?
01/30/80 A Look at History
04/12/79 Black "Leaders" I
04/13/79 Black "Leaders" II
10/03/79 Blacks and I.Q. Tests
08/22/79 The Resignation of Andrew Young
06/06/79 Government by Snobs
07/08/78 Bakke and the Backlash
11/01/77 Who Says Bureaucracy Is Inefficient?
12/25/79 A Christmas Parable
05/02/78 "Equal Rights" or Indiscriminate Treatment?
12/05/79 "Expert" Failures
12/20/79 The 1970s and 1980s
07/11/79 Political Perpetual Motion
01/23/80 Stealing the Credit for Progress
03/27/78 Status-Symbol Politics
05/28/79 Political Programming for All Exigencies
08/01/79 Intellectuals in China and America
12/19/79 Suicidal Morality
11/21/79 Political Kibitzing
07/24/78 A Phantom Majority for the ERA?
03/05/80 Abortions and the poor
02/27/80 Disaster Aid
09/26/79 Is the Gasoline Crisis Real?
08/09/78 Terrorist Celebrities
10/17/79 A Guilt-Edged Society
09/19/79 The Facts of Economic Life
06/13/79 Price Controls
08/29/79 What is a Billion Dollars?
n.d. Kicking the Big-Spending Habit
11/02/78 Phony Prices
08/05/79 "Inflation Fighting" or Show Biz?
12/12/79 Rent Control
11/07/79 Don't Buy a Lemon from Chrysler!
07/18/79 The Energy Boondoggle
02/24/78 "Automatic Promotion"--at School and Work
11/14/78 The Rich as a Social Problem
11/22/77 The Profits of Doom
10/03/78 What the Sports Snob
09/12/79 Educational Draftees
12/05/78 Environmentalists and Ego Trips
01/09/80 Hype versus Higher Education
03/23/79 Those Phony Environmentalists
11/14/79 "Educators" Treat Parents Like Children
10/24/79 Judges versus the Law
10/10/79 Crime and Punishment
06/20/79 Are Cops Lives Cheap?
02/20/80 Lawlessness in the Law
06/27/79 The Bird
08/23/78 "Free" Speech
07/25/79 Democracy—or Judicial Ad-hocracy?
05/06/78 When a Nation's Will Dies
01/25/78 The Panama Canal Tradition
12/27/78 China with a Grain of SALT
09/05/79 World War II and World War III
09/10/79 Munich and SALT
08/08/79 SALT at the Crossroads
11/28/79 Iran: The First in a Series?
01/16/80 Somewhat Deploring Attila the Hun
10/31/79 Neighborly Differences
02/06/80 Cheap and Easy Policies
01/02/80 Rewriting History