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Where applicable, a link to an online copy of the article is provided.  Some education-themed articles are reprinted in Education: Assumptions Versus History.   These articles are highlighted with [EAVH].
AAUP Bulletin
“The ‘Need’ for More ‘Education’,” December 1966, pp. 380-384. [EAVH]
Administrative Science Quarterly
Book Review:  A Primer on Social Dynamics by Kenneth E. Boulding, March 1972, pp. 146-7.
“Black Seniors: Work or College?” 1975, p. 66.
The Alternative
Book Review:  On Economics and Society by Harry G. Johnson, October 1975, PP. 26 ff.
American Economic Review
Book review:  Crisis in World Communism by Frank O'Brien, September 1965, pp. 911-912.
Book review:  Essays in the History of Economics by George J. Stigler, June 1965, pp. 551-553.
Book review:  Modern Economics by Wronski, Doody, and Clemence, December 1964, pp. 1095-1096.
Book review:  Employer Concentration in Local Labor Markets by Robert L. Bunting, September 1963, p. 828.
“Marx’s ‘Increasing Misery’ Doctrine,” March 1960, pp. 111-120.
American Educator
“Equal Opportunity or Numbers Game?” Fall 1978, pp. 12 ff.
The American Enterprise
“Middleman Minorities,” May/June 1993, pp. 30-41.
“Cultural Diversity: A World View,” May/June 1991, pp. 44-55.
The American Historical Review
Book Review:  The Classical Economists by D. P. O'Brien, December 1976, p. 1069.
The American Scholar
“Social Science,” Summer 1976, pp. 354-356.
The American Spectator
Book Review: Hayek: the Man and the Hero, July/August 2001
“Misshapen Statistics on Racial Quotas,” April 1999.
“Ethnicity and IQ,” February 1995, pp. 32-37.
“The Unheavenly City Revisited,” February 1994, pp. 45-48.
“Multicultural Instruction,” April 1993, pp. 47-49.
“Rose Bird on Trial,” September 1986, pp. 23-26.
“Media Smears: One Man’s Experiences,” May 1982, pp. 17-20.
Bell Telephone Magazine
“The Balance of Payments Dilemma,” Spring 1965, pp. 87-88.
Black Enterprise
“Quest for the Elusive Green,” March 1977, pp. 57 ff.
Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science
“Marx's Capital After One Hundred Years,” February 1967, pp. 50-74.
“Malthus and the Utilitarians,” May 1962, pp. 268-274.
Book Review:  Private Black Colleges at the Crossroads by Daniel C. Thompson; Black Educators in White Colleges, June 1974, pp. 55 ff. [EAVH]
“Arthur Jensen and His Critics: The Great I.Q. Controversy,” May 1973, pp. 33-37.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
“The Intellect of the Intellectuals,” December 8, 1975, p. 20. [EAVH]
“The Scandal of College Tuition,” August 1992. pp. 23-26.
“Have the Democrats Really Changed?” September 1992, pp. 27-32.
“Affirmative Action: A Worldwide Disaster,” December 1989, pp. 21-41.
“The American People”, book review of Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, edited by Stephan Thernstrom, et al, January 1981, pp. 70-71.
“Myths About Minorities,” August 1979, pp. 33-37.
“Are Quotas Good for Blacks?” June 1978, pp. 39-43.
“Intellectual Royalist”, book review of Money by John Kenneth Galbraith, December 1975, pp. 82ff.
“Ethnicity in a Changing America,” Winter 1978, pp. 213-238.  [EAVH] ???
“Samuel Bailey Revisited,” November 1970, pp. 402-408.
“Marxian Value Reconsidered,” August 1963, pp. 297-308.
“Visions of War and Peace,” December 1987, pp. 40-49.
“Karl Marx and the Freedom of the Individual,” January 1963, pp. 119-126.
Ethnic and Racial Studies
“‘Racial Discrimination’: Intellectual Definition or Political Slogan?” October 1986, p. 537.
“Photography as economics,” December 28, 1998
“Race, Culture, and Equality,” October 5, 1998
“An Unnecessary War,” August 14, 1995, pp. 122-128.
“Up from Slavery,” December 5, 1994, pp. 84-93.
“A Road to Hell Paved With Good Intentions,” January 17, 1994, pp. 60-65.
“The New Racism on Campus,” February 1989, pp. 115-120
Book Review:  The Economics of Justice by Richard Posner, November 2, 1981, pp. 175-176.
Book Review:  The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom by Herbert G. Gutman, November 1976, pp. 237-238.
“Adam Smith’s Shot Heard Round the World,” March 1976, pp. 179- 180.
History of Political Economy
“Sismondi: A Neglected Pioneer,” Spring 1972, pp. 62-88.
Industrial and Labor Relations Review
“The Shorter Work Week Controversy,” January 1965, pp. 238-246.
Journal of Contemporary Studies
“Side-Stepping the Facts,” Winter 1981, pp. 91- 92.
Journal of Economic History
Book Review:  Adam Smith's Politics: An Essay in Historiographic Revision by Donald Winch, June 1979, p. 604.
Book Review:  Knowledge and Ignorance in Economics by T.W. Hutchinson, June 1978, p. 557.
Book Review:  A Rehabilitation of Say's Law by William Harold Hutt, December 1975, pp. 870-871.
Journal of Economic Issues
“Veblen’s Higher Learning After Fifty Years,” December 1969, pp. 66-78. [EAVH]
Journal of Ethnic Studies
“Remarks on Racial Economic Equality,” Fall 1983, pp. 127-128.
Journal of Higher Education
Book Reviews:  The Education of Black People: Ten Critiques, 1906-1960 by W. E. B. DuBois; The Education of Black Folk: The Afro-American Struggle for Knowledge in White America by Allan Ballard, April 1974, pp. 305-308. [EAVH]
Journal of Legal Education
“Motivating the Law School Faculty in the Twenty-First Century: Is there Life in Tenure?” Vol. 10, Nos. 102 (1979), pp. 11-12. [EAVH]
Journal of Political Economy
“A Student’s Eye View of George Stigler,” October 1993, pp. 784-792.
Journal of World History
Book Review: The Age of Mass Migrations: Causes and Economic Impact by Timothy J. Hatton and Jeffrey Williamson, Spring 2000, pp. 145-147.
National Review
Book ReviewOut of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa by Keith Richburg, April 21, 1997, pp. 74-75.
New York Times Magazine
“New Light on Black IQ,” March 27, 1977, pp. 15 ff. [ EAVH] ???
“A Black ‘Conservative’ Dissents,” August 8, 1976, pp. 14 ff.
“Colleges are Skipping Over Competent Blacks to Admit ‘Authentic’ Ghetto Types,” December 13, 1970, pp. 34 ff.
New York Times Book Review
Book ReviewEquality, the Third World, and Economic Delusion by P. T. Bauer; Investing in People by Theodore W. Schultz, T, October 16, 1981, p. 13.
Book ReviewThe Chinese of America by Jack Chen, June 7, 1981, p. 13.
“We’re Not Really ‘Equal’,”, September 7, 1981, p. 13.
“Ability and Biology,”, September 8, 1997, p. 14
“Black Students: The Rush to Catch Up,” 1973-1974, pp. 76-77.
Oxford Economic Papers
“The ‘Evolutionary’ Economics of Thorstein Veblen,” July 1967, pp. 177-198.
“The General Glut Controversy Reconsidered,” November 1963, pp. 193-203.
Policy Review
“By the Numbers,” Winter 1982, pp. 9-27.
Book Review:  The Ethnic Myth by Stephen Steinberg, Fall 1981, pp. 169- 170.
“Thoughts and Details on Poverty,” Summer 1981, pp. 11-25.
“Tuition Tax Credits: A Social Revolution,” Spring 1978, pp. 79-83. [EAVH]
Produktivität, Eigenverantwortung, Beschäftigung
“Die Zukunft der ökomischen Freiheit,” pp. 171-189.
The Public Interest
“On the Higher Learning in America: Some Comments,” Spring 1990, pp. 68-78.
“Patterns of Black Excellence,” Spring 1976, pp. 26-58. [EAVH]
“Black Excellence: The Case of Dunbar High School,” Spring 1974, pp. 1-21.
Quarterly Review of Economics and Business
“New Dawn in Antitrust? A Comment,” September 1965, pp. 87-88.
Book Review:  The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism by F.A. Hayek, December 1988, pp. 35-37.
Book Review:  The Hispanics in the United States: A History by L. H. Gann and Peter J. Duignan, January 1988, pp. 52ff.
Book Review:  Years of Poverty, Years of Plenty by Greg J. Duncan, et al, December 1985, pp. 46-48.
Book Review:  The Nightmare Years by William L. Shirer, May 1985, pp. 54ff.
Book ReviewReality and Rhetoric: Studies in the Economics of Development, by P.T. Bauer, December, 1984, pp.45-6.
“The University of California v. Bakke: Landmark or Curiosity?” October 1978, pp. 30-34.
Review of Black Political Economy
“Economics and Black People,” Winter-Spring 1971, pp. 3-21.
St. Croix Review
“Morality versus Sanctimoniousness,” April 1989, pp. 12-18.
St. Louis University Public Law Review
“The Economics of the Bishops’ Letter,” Vol V (1986), pp. 297-308.
Social Research
Book Review:  Slums and Suburbs by James B. Conant, Winter 1961, pp. 508-510.
Book Review:  Selected Writings by Karl Marx, Spring 1960, p. 119.
Southwestern Law Review
“Undue Process,” Winter 1979, pp. 1361-1370.
Taxing and Spending
“Heresies on Race and Education,” Fall 1980, pp. 5-18.
Teachers College Record
“Assumptions versus History in Ethnic Education,” Fall 1981, pp. 37-71. [EAVH]
“Yes, Blacks Can Make It On Their Own,” September 8, 1997.
Today's Education
“One Viewpoint,” November-December 1973, pp. 84-86.
University of Chicago Magazine
“Violence and the Pay-Off Society,” November-December 1971, pp. 2-7
“The ‘Available’ University,” November-December 1970, pp. 2-6. [EAVH]
The Wall Street Journal
Book Review:  Who Will Do Science? by Sue Berryman, February 8, 1984, p. 24.
Book Review:  College: The Undergraduate Experience in America by Ernest L. Boyer, April 9, 1987, p. 26.
"Crippled by Their Culture", April 26, 2005
Washington Times
Book Review: Property and Freedom by Richard Pipes, June 6, 1999, p. B8.
Washington University Law Review
“Status versus Behavior,” Winter 1979, pp. 179- 188.
Wayne Law Review
Weber and Bakke, and the Presuppositions of ‘Affirmative Action’,” July 1980, pp. 1309-1336.
The Weekly Standard
"The Day Cornell Died", book review of Cornell '69 by Donald Alexander Downs, May 3, 1999, pp. 31-33.
“The Nuance Excuse,”, February 3, 1997, pp, 16-18.
Western Review
“The Cheap and Easy Way,” Summer 1967, p. 28.
The Wilson Quarterly
“Ethnicity: Three Black Histories,” Winter 1979, pp. 96-106.
The World & I
“Western Civilization: Achievements and Prospects,” May 1991, pp. 585-603.
“Democracy and the Market,” February 1988, pp. 667-674.

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