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Founded in 1989, The Future of Freedom Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, educational foundation that presents an uncompromising moral, philosophical, and economic case for individual freedom, private property, and limited government. FFF aims to influence the course of thinking so that individuals abandon a commitment to the philosophy of socialism, the welfare state, and the managed economy and move toward the philosophy of freedom.
       The officers of The Foundation are: Jacob G. Homberger (Fairfax, Virginia), president, and Richard M. Ebeling (Hillsdale, Michigan), vice president of academic affairs. There are nine members on the Foundation's board of trustees.
       Freedom Daily is published monthly by The Foundation. It consists of essays, book reviews, and quotes by freedom's greatest champions. Subscribers come from thirty-five countries. The price for a one-year subscription is $18 ($25 foreign).
       The Foundation also shares its ideas on liberty with others through lectures, speeches, seminars, and radio appearances, primarily with Mr. Hornberger and Professor Ebeling.
       The Foundation neither solicits nor accepts governmental funds. Operations of The Foundation are financed through subscription revenues as well as donations, which are invited in any amount.
       Please write us for additional information. We hope you join us in this important work.

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