The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration


“Marvelously explained here: Trade enriches, and more immigration benefits the United States. Read it and cheer.”
- Julian Simon, author of The Economic Consequences of Immigration

“Critics of free international trade will not like this book at all. Hornberger and Ebeling have assembled a collection of articles that are easy to read and understand. These articles seek to introduce elements of truth and good sense into a public policy debate that has been dominated by critics who have been selling their nonsense to industry interest groups with the highest bid for protection from market forces.” - Richard B. McKenzie, Walter B. Gerken Professor of Enterprise and Society, University of California, Irvine

“The release of The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration could not be more timely. With the consensus in favor of open borders perhaps under greater attack than ever before, this book should help convert Americans to the cause of a genuinely free world.” - Doug Bandow, senior fellow, Cato Institute, and author of The Politics of Envy


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