Welcome to my web page on America's Great Depression.  Although most of the pages have some content or are nearly complete, this is still a work in progress.  I've become fascinated with this period in history and am trying to learn as much as I can about it.  I will be updating this page as I continue my readings. Please let me know what you think of it so far and if I've missed any important references (see links and books pages) I'd welcome a heads up on it. I'm mostly concentrating on the economics of this era but I'm not pushing a particular school of thought. I'll try to cover conflicting interpretations fairly.

I've started a blog, News & Updates, to keep track of progress as I continue to update this site and also as a location for other things that I find that do not fit in anywhere else on this site.

Finally, for those of you working on term papers, history projects and so forth, I hope these pages help, but my time is limited so keep your expectations low if you decide to email me asking for additional information.

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